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Meet Some More of Our New Medical Monkeys for Charity

We have some more Medical Monkeys that we would love for you to meet!

Remember, Medical Monkeys are “Hanging around while you’re feeling down”

A great gift for someone who is sick, recovering from an illness or injury,

or just needs a fun gift to put a smile on their face.

Monkey 3

They are available in lots of colors.  The Medical Monkeys shown are Pink, Green, and Blue.

We also have a very adorable Chimpanzee!

Monkey 4

One of our absolute favorites are the Bush Baby!Monkey 5

And the adorable Sloth

Monkey 6

They are waiting around for a forever home!  Remember $10.00 of the purchase go to the Charity of your Choice.

Monkey 7


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Medical Monkeys for Charity Have Arrived at Old World Limited

Things have been a little crazy here at Old World Limited!  Medical Monkeys have arrived!

Instead of sending flowers, plants, candy or balloons to someone who is not feeling well, send a fun Medical Monkey…and $10.00 of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice!  Flowers and plants need maintenance, candy gets eaten, balloons deflate.  Medical Monkeys are pure fun!

Monkey pic 1

They find the most unusual places to hide!  They are just hanging around until they find forever homes!

Monkey 2

Back of the Medical Monkeys tag – “Medical Monkeys hang around while you’re feeling down.”, and name of charity you have chosen.

Charities to choose from:

  • American Lung Association
  • Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
  • Community Action Partnership (CAP) of Scott Carver & Dakota Counties
  • Feed My Starving Children
  • Jared Allen’s Homes 4 Wounded Warriors
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities – Upper Midwest
  • Salvation Army North
  • St Judes
  • Wiggle Your Toes (amputees)
  • Wounded Warriors (military)

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Toys for Tots a Success…thanks to business friends!

Our 2nd annual Toys For Tots drive was once again a succcess!  A very warm Thank You to the following businesses who helped kick it off with their generous toy and cash donations!  Please visit their sites for your shopping needs…

The Enchanted Dog
Garden Party Tea

Can Crusher World
Hicky Bar
DC Mach Inc
Old World Limited
Social Networking Nanny
Datatrac Search & Locate Company

Valley Yard Services
On Fair

If your business would like to be involved next year, please become our Fan on Facebook, &/or follow us on Twitter



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Kids Volunteering

In this day and age of so many kids growing up with a take-take-take attitude, it’s very important to teach them how to give.  Teens can be actively involved in volunteering in a variety of ways, from donating items, cash or time.  By giving a little each month the teens are making a great impact on the organization, and in return they feel good about what they have done.  Also, many Colleges…

Full story here

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Toys for Tots – Business & Friends Donations

A Huge Thank You to the following businesses, organizations & many friends that have made donations for our Toys for Tots Drive:

Oregon Trail Crossing

My Auction Source

Garden Party Tea

Sporting Goods USA

Brooke Boutique

Glyph Web Services

Cedar Valley Publishing

On Fair

My Friend Paris

DR Hippo – Hippocratic Press

Many friends 🙂

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

If you would like to see your company listed here, please see the previous posting for the address and guidelines.

Thank you!

Old World Limited

Follow the progress of our Toys for Tots Drive………..

The chart added is for money that was donated…$60 so far.


WOW…we had a terrific time at our Grand Finale Halloween Costume Party/Toys for Tots drive last night!  Many friends joined us for an evening of food and laughter — all for this very good cause.  Their generosity was overwhelming, as you will see in the updated picture below 🙂 

Huge Thanks to friends who joined us:  Tyler, Sarah, Mark / Andy, Andrew & Alyssa / Chris & Cate / Scott & Theresa / Jody & Phoebe / Stan & Sarah, Isabella & Abigail / Scott & Peg, Shaun / Marco, Natalie, Jake & Riley.


Final picture — THANK YOU to all who donated!!!



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*~*Toys for Tots Drive*~*

That’s right, Old World Limited is having a Toys for Tots Drive, and want you to be a part of it! 

We will be collecting new, unwrapped toys until Nov. 15th.  They will all be donated to the Minnesota chapter of Toys for Tots.

“The Toys for Tots program wishes to play an active role in the development of one of our nation’s most valuable natural resources – our children”

What’s in it for you?  Besides the wonderful feeling you’ll get in helping out a child, we will list your business or family name, in recognition, on our website and blog.

New, unwrapped toys can be sent to:

Old World Limited

PO Box 402

Savage, MN  55379

*UPS Reminder — UPS does NOT deliver to PO Boxes.  If you will be using UPS, please contact us for an alternate address…

***Think Books, Barbies, Cars, Planes, Dolls, Thomas, Building Blocks, Board Games, Legos, & more!***

Q/A’s From the Toys for Tots website:

Q :   Is my donation tax-deductible?
A :   A donor does not need a special letter for tax purposes unless he/she makes a donation of money, toys, or services valued at $250.00 or more.   For donations less than $250.00 a canceled check or store/business receipt is acceptable for IRS purposes.   For donations of $250.00 or more that are address of the donor, a receipt will be mailed upon request.

Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity. Donations are tax deductible.

Q :   What kinds of toys are not allowed?
A :   Toys with military theme. Toys related to weapons/law enforcement type toys.   Toys with candy. Used toys.   No chemicals (i.e. experimental labs, acid, crystal projects, etc.).   The Toys For tots program do not allow these toys.   The Toys For Tots of the Marine Corps reserve will not distribute toys fitting this description that are donated to the program to children.   Instead, these toys will be donated to another charity organization.

Q :   What kind of toys can I donate?
A :   New, unwrapped toys preferably around the $10 or above price range.   It is unsafe to distribute dangerous or dirty toys that could cause injury or illness to a child.


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Old World Limited today…going off-topic

For those of you who know me, you know that I am never at a loss for words.  Well, today is different.  I have been thinking for hours now about what my Blog post should be about.  What product would you like to see or hear about?  What review(s) would you like to read?  Could I give you a special offer?


*total blank*

So…I am going off-topic, non-business today 🙂  My mind has been so consumed with personal stuff that I think my brain has no more capacity LOL

Our oldest, our son, is graduating this year.  *Thud*  Am I really that old?  No, I’m just older than I used to be 😉 

Have you ever priced out Senior Portraits?  Most of those photographers should be ashamed of themselves!  We are talking an average minimum of $500 to upwards of $1000…for pictures…that after a year will not get looked at much, except fot the one on our wall, and the Grandparent’s wall.  Thankfully, we found a photographer who is trying to build her portfolio, and we are paying for the session and CD, no prints.  We will be in charge of where and what prints we want made.  Thank you  CraigsList!

Then there’s the exercise demon that’s been looming over me since like forever!  LOL  I’m fortunate with inheriting a high metabolism, and a small frame.  However, getting me to do a daily exercise is not easy, no matter how small or short of time.  Now, if I had a tennis court in my back yard, I would be out there at least an hour a day.  However, while we would have the room, I don’t think our neighbors would appreciate it too much 😉

So…I am proud to say that for 4 1/2 weeks I HAVE gotten on the eliptical every single weekday morning.  (Yes, my hubby told me to reward myself and take the weekends off.)  I increased my time to 10 minutes each morning (stop laughing!), and 3 of those last minutes are at a jogging pace — WooHoo!!!  And after each session I do a stretching exercise that lasts about 3 minutes.  And yes, I mark my times on the calendar in my office, so I can see how good I’ve been 🙂  The other hard part is this has greatly increased my already high metabolism, and I’m eating more than before…ugh.

I am also busy planning our annual Halloween Event.  Each year we dress up in costume, decorate the garage, and have fun treating the neighborhood kids to some fun music, scary characters, and overall fun at watching their reactions to all of our collective Halloween items. 

This year we are doing one better…we are hosting our 1st ever Halloween Costume Party and Toys for Tots Drive!  Everyone who attends (sorry, by invite only) HAS to be in costume, and they HAVE to bring a toy for the Toys for Tots drive. 

And some really great news…the new 35W Bridge is opening tomorrow morning!  They finished ahead of schedule, and from the pics on the t.v. it looks great!  Commuters will be delighted!

There you have it, the basics of what is clogging up my thought processes.  There’s more, but I won’t bore you anymore 😉

Thanks for listening…….


Old World Limited


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