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Donald J Trump Tie – Silver/ resembles Fifty Shades of Grey

Nothing says “Romance” like this tie!  It resembles the image that we all have in mind of the grey tie that Christian Grey wears, and uses, in the book trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Shades of Grey

This tie would be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!  Hurry and order one today!  They have been extremely popular and supply is limited!


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The Christian Grey Face of Fifty Shades of Grey and the Tie He Might Wear

A British scientist has gathered information and come up with this artist’s rendering of what the ideal Christian Grey from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ would look like.  Do you agree?

We certainly don’t think so!  Right now we would vote for Ian Somerhalder, best known as Damon in The Vampire Diaries…picture below tie.  Who would you like to see play Christian Grey in the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey?

The good news is we do have a tie that resembles the tie described in the first book of the trilogy!  Quantities are limited, and they are going fast!


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Fifty Shades of Grey and the Tie That Inspires


If you’re like many other women, and some guys, who are loving the hot book ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ you have probably wondered about “that” tie!  Time and time again it is mentioned in the story, in various scenes.  A customer asked if we had something similar, and now we do!

This gorgeous tie is from the Donald Trump line – quality & style at a fabulous price!

MSRP $59.50 / Old World Limited price $29.99

***Update: we have received more inventory in…hurry now to get this tie that resembles the Fifty Shades of Grey tie***


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Take advantage of our two day Valentine’s Day Sale!

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas?  We have some great ones!  As as a bonus we are offering $10 off a $30 purchase on Jan. 26th and 27th.  Just use coupon code 10off30 at checkout!

How about a fabulous tie for your honey?  Check out the name of this tie….Yes…“How Fine” he is….oh excuse me we were talking about the tie! ; )

Or how about a Donald J. Trump tie…..Nothing says Power…like Donald Trump!

Or is Michael Kors more his style?

Maybe a Cole Haan Black Leather Wallet would suit him better!

Whatever you choose, we have lots of options at Old World Limited!  So take advantage of our Sale quickly!  It is only a 2-day sale.  Don’t forget the coupon code at check-out 10off30!  Happy Shopping!


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Donald J Trump Silk Tie

We just got in a shipment of Donald J Trump Silk Ties.  We only have 1 of each color so order it when you see it.  Very limited supplies!  Perfect gift for the man on your Holiday list!


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Sneak Peek of our new shipment of Jerry Garcia Ties!

It feels like Christmas at Old World Limited!  We got a brand new shipment of Jerry Garcia Ties!  We thought we would let you share in our excitement and give you a sneak peek of what will be available on our website soon!

Here are some patterns we have available in Extra Long / XL:

Aren’t they gorgeous?  We think so too! Below are some patterns of ties that we have available in regular length:

We have lots of colors and options!  So keep checking back with us!  We are loading them onto our website as quickly as we can!  As always…..Thank You So Much for your support of Old World Limited!  We greatly appreciate it!


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It’s the Little Things in a Business That Mean A Lot

While we’ve been in business for many years, we’re not one of the “big guys”…and we’re totally fine with that!  Because we are a small, niche retailer, we can go one (or two) steps beyond what the Big Guys can, especially in Customer Service.

This was evident when we were contacted over the Labor Day weekend by a new customer.  We had our office closed on Sunday and Monday, but out of habit we were still checking the phone and email.  A customer desperately wanted to talk to someone and we got connected early Tuesday morning.

Her son is going to his last Homecoming dance as a High School student.  Every other dance she has gotten him a Jerry Garcia Tie.  Her three questions were:

1) Are your Jerry Garcia ties the real deal?  (Yes)

2) Is it the same tie that the other tie company is showing (at a much higher price)?  (Yes)

3) Can you guarantee when you will ship it out – the other guys couldn’t  (Yes)

I felt for her because I also have a son, not much older.  I know what it’s like to want to make that special occassion better, by looking put-together with an awesome tie that matches the date’s dress.

I also felt for her because I am also that consumer who wants direct replies to my questions, is cost-concious, and feels better with a human connection in scenarios such as this.

The tie is on it’s way.  We’ve done our part, and hope the USPS does it part and gets it to her by Friday.  We look forward to seeing pictures!



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