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Life is Wine – Vintage 50’s Perfectly Aged Complex & Fruity T-Shirt Giveaway

January can be such a dismal month because of bad weather or lack of sunshine!  So we at Old World Limited decided to brighten it up the month with a contest!  Who is up for a Giveaway from our Spoken Shirt Graphic T’s category?  YES!  Everyone likes a free contest!

We are giving away this gorgeous Life is Wine-Vintage 50’s T-Shirt.

(We even have 4 sizes to choose from!  So no worries on the size!)


All you have to do to enter is tell us in the comment section:  What makes you Perfectly Aged, Complex and Fruity?

Come on give us what you got!  Let’s have a little fun and make us laugh!

Entries accepted thru Sunday, January 13.  One entry per person.  Winner will be drawn from approved entries, and will be contacted via email address used.

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Valentine’s Day in Denmark

The Danish have three popular traditions in celebrating Valentine’s Day.  The youngsters take great care in following these traditions so that they will have successful and romance filled lives.  They give “lover’s cards” which is very popular, but they also give white flowers to their loves called “Snowdrops”.  They also write special love poems called “gaekkebrev”.  It is said that the men jot down love poems to their loves without signing them.  If their beloveds figure out who the poem is from then she will be rewarded with an Easter Egg on that year.

What Valentine’s Day customs do you have?  Do you write poems?  Buy gifts?  Give red flowers or white flowers?

If giving gifts are you thing, we lots of options at Old World Limited.

We have Birdz riding glasses for the outdoor enthusiast!

A funny shirt for the funny person in your life!

We even have gifts for the dog lovers!

We here at Old World Limited hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day no matter how you celebrate the day!


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Beer and Wine Graphic Tee’s 50% Off Sale

It’s that time again!  So we decided to have a 50% off Sale!  It’s time to be thinking about what you are going to get Aunt Helen or Uncle Gene for the Holidays!!!  How about this T-Shirt – Vintage 60’s Perfectly Aged, Intense & Spicy?

Or how about this one?  I don’t know about you but I feel a LOT better after I “Wine a little” when Aunt Helen goes home! Just kidding?!?!?  Well not really…..; )

These shirts and others are On Sale Now for 50% off!  Use Code Tee50.  This code is only good through September 24.  So hurry and get your t-shirt while supplies last!

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Spoken Shirt – Graphic Ts 50% Off Sale

A Sale?!?! Yes we are having a T-Shirt sale!  All of our Graphic Ts are on sale for 50% off now through September 24.  The coupon code to use at check-out is Tee50.

These T-Shirts are fun and are great conversation starters!

Or how about this one?  You know this T-Shirt reminds you of someone! : )

It’s time to be thinking about buying for the holidays and these T-Shirts would make fantastic gag gifts for that party you will be invited to.  So stock up!  How can you resist at 50% off?!?!

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A Little Group Therapy goes a long way………

I was in a rotten mood the other day.  I had had a really bad day.  It was one of those kind of days that I would have been better off to have gone back to bed that morning!  My husband felt really bad for me so he called in the cavalry.  The cavalry aka my best friends!  They came and kidnapped me and we went to a great little wine bar and had some awesome group therapy  My husband knows that all a girl needs when she has a bad day is to whine a little!  Like the saying goes…I Feel Better After I Wine a Little:

Well after a nice glass of wine and the give and take of my girlfriends I most certainly did feel better.  Just like my husband knew I would.  Next time you are down and out get the girls together for a little Group Therapy:


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Father’s Day – Garcia Ties, Cole Haan Leather Wallets / Money Clips / Humor Graphic T-shirts

Did you know you only have 1 week left to find that perfect gift for Father’s Day?  Look no further…Old World Limited  something for every Dad!

Cole Haan Leather Wallets, Money Clips and Shave Bag

Cole Haan

Graphic T-shirts…

Life is Beer

Beer 2 heads

Life is Crap


 Jerry Garcia Silk Ties – Regular and Extra Long

Garcia Sea Blue2

 Men’s Shaving and Bath Products

Pre de Provence After Shave, Shave Soap, Shave Cream, Pure Living Shower Gel

After Shave


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Customer Reviews – Life is Crap T-shirts

Life is Crap t-shirts are the best thing since slided bread. So cute and so appropriate to life today.  I bought this shirt from Old World Limited and love it to death. Tons of compliments.


Great T-shirt! I bought this as a Father’s Day gift and am sure it will be worn with pride and garner many laughs.


Great T-shirt! I bought this as a gift and am sure the recipient will love it.

Life is Crap T-shirts



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