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Meet Some More of Our New Medical Monkeys for Charity

We have some more Medical Monkeys that we would love for you to meet!

Remember, Medical Monkeys are “Hanging around while you’re feeling down”

A great gift for someone who is sick, recovering from an illness or injury,

or just needs a fun gift to put a smile on their face.

Monkey 3

They are available in lots of colors.  The Medical Monkeys shown are Pink, Green, and Blue.

We also have a very adorable Chimpanzee!

Monkey 4

One of our absolute favorites are the Bush Baby!Monkey 5

And the adorable Sloth

Monkey 6

They are waiting around for a forever home!  Remember $10.00 of the purchase go to the Charity of your Choice.

Monkey 7


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The Christian Grey Face of Fifty Shades of Grey and the Tie He Might Wear

A British scientist has gathered information and come up with this artist’s rendering of what the ideal Christian Grey from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ would look like.  Do you agree?

We certainly don’t think so!  Right now we would vote for Ian Somerhalder, best known as Damon in The Vampire Diaries…picture below tie.  Who would you like to see play Christian Grey in the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey?

The good news is we do have a tie that resembles the tie described in the first book of the trilogy!  Quantities are limited, and they are going fast!


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A Little Group Therapy goes a long way………

I was in a rotten mood the other day.  I had had a really bad day.  It was one of those kind of days that I would have been better off to have gone back to bed that morning!  My husband felt really bad for me so he called in the cavalry.  The cavalry aka my best friends!  They came and kidnapped me and we went to a great little wine bar and had some awesome group therapy  My husband knows that all a girl needs when she has a bad day is to whine a little!  Like the saying goes…I Feel Better After I Wine a Little:

Well after a nice glass of wine and the give and take of my girlfriends I most certainly did feel better.  Just like my husband knew I would.  Next time you are down and out get the girls together for a little Group Therapy:


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Let’s Go on Vacation! Time to dust off the Cole Haan….

I was thinking about vacation time the other day when I pulled out my husband’s Cole Haan Leather Shave Kit.  It has been a mainstay for all our trips that we have gone on since we got married.  (Well maybe not the Cole Haan one but a shave kit nonetheless ha!)  It reminded me that we have not planned a specific date of our family vacation this year.  So I am going to dust off the Shave Kit and set it on the bathroom counter and wait and see if my sweet husband will get the hint!  Mom needs a break!  It is time for a change of scenery!  Lots of family togetherness!  The chaos of a trip!  The talk of how much fun we had when we get back!  Just think all the memories and what ifs got started by something as simple as this…….

Shave Kit


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Closeout Special – Life is Crap T-shirts $9.99

Life is Crap T-shirts

That’s right…we are closing out the remaining inventory of Life is Crap T-shirts at only $9.99 each!  Load up on your Christmas and Holiday shopping gifts!

Quantities and Designs are limited – HURRY!!!

out of coffee, out of chocolate, out of wine, out of beer, diet,

no fishing,rough golf, breasts, breast gravity, handyman, poker,

skydiving, speed trap


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Happy 3rd Anniversary Old World Limited – FREE prizes!

In celebration of Old World Limited’s 3 year Anniversary, we are having a fun, daily Trivia game with 3 prizes being awarded each day! 

Please see the Anniversary Contest Page for all details…and join in the fun!


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President’s Day Sale

Military T-shirts  just $3.00 each!  Only while supplies last…hurry!

Sale runs thru Monday, Feb 15 or until inventory runs out!

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