Meet one of our adorable furry customers from Norway

09 Feb

We would like to introduce you to one of our new furry friends Tvinne.  She is a beautiful black dachshund who lives in Norway with her lucky owner Anne.  Anne purchased a Ruff Wear Daisy Collar from us for Tvinne.  Anne was looking for this exact collar, and we were thrilled we had exactly what she wanted! 

Meet Tvinne isn’t she just divine? We just love the view in the background also!

Here is an even better view of Tvinne’s new collar! Isn’t she a great model? It looks like Tvinne has heard something that interests her 😉

Check out Tvinne in her artsy pose! Looks like she is placing herself for a revised rendition of Monet’s Water Lillies! We think she is an up and coming star!

What do you see Tvinne? It is a bird? A fish? Something has definitely gotten her attention!

So regal is Tvinne! And once again the view is gorgeous! Think we might need to take a family trip to Norway!

Okay so one last shot of the beautiful Tvinne! We are SO in love with you! We love her collar too!

Thank you so much Anne and Tvinne for sending Old World Limited these wonderful pictures!  We think you are so sweet and cute Tvinne!  Enjoy your new collar!  You wear it so well!

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