It’s the Little Things in a Business That Mean A Lot

08 Sep

While we’ve been in business for many years, we’re not one of the “big guys”…and we’re totally fine with that!  Because we are a small, niche retailer, we can go one (or two) steps beyond what the Big Guys can, especially in Customer Service.

This was evident when we were contacted over the Labor Day weekend by a new customer.  We had our office closed on Sunday and Monday, but out of habit we were still checking the phone and email.  A customer desperately wanted to talk to someone and we got connected early Tuesday morning.

Her son is going to his last Homecoming dance as a High School student.  Every other dance she has gotten him a Jerry Garcia Tie.  Her three questions were:

1) Are your Jerry Garcia ties the real deal?  (Yes)

2) Is it the same tie that the other tie company is showing (at a much higher price)?  (Yes)

3) Can you guarantee when you will ship it out – the other guys couldn’t  (Yes)

I felt for her because I also have a son, not much older.  I know what it’s like to want to make that special occassion better, by looking put-together with an awesome tie that matches the date’s dress.

I also felt for her because I am also that consumer who wants direct replies to my questions, is cost-concious, and feels better with a human connection in scenarios such as this.

The tie is on it’s way.  We’ve done our part, and hope the USPS does it part and gets it to her by Friday.  We look forward to seeing pictures!



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2 responses to “It’s the Little Things in a Business That Mean A Lot

  1. Ramon De Leon (@Ramon_DeLeon)

    September 8, 2011 at 8:20 am

    So many times it’s the little things that cause the biggest problems. A missing 2oz sauce cup can ruin a pizza order in a heartbeat. The difference is the attention and importance you place on the detail. The peace of mind delivered to the customer wanting that tie is extremely valuable and can set you apart from the pack.

    I would recommended to all business. “What detail can you make memorable in your business”.


  2. Sandy Weigens

    September 8, 2011 at 8:36 am

    I can vouch for all the above. My personal tie rack is filled with Jerry Garcia ties, mostly from Old World (as their records will show). It’s not just that Old World carries an amazing selection of these fabulous neckties. (It doesn’t hurt that I get compliments whenever I wear one of my Garcias!) It’s more than their very attractive prices and soon-as-possible shipping. I had occasion to exchange some e-mail with Old World surrounding a recent order. The obvious friendliness matched their professionalism and care, which is a rare and wonderful combination in this busy business world. The experience was filled with true old-world warmth and charm. And it was especially nice, having just ordered something I really liked and wanted, that it was shipped and and in my hands quickly.
    Bravo, Old World!
    A faithful customer,
    P.S. – By the way, I particularly like the tie in the picture accompanying this article! In which collection would I find it?


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