Let’s Go on Vacation! Time to dust off the Cole Haan….

05 Jul

I was thinking about vacation time the other day when I pulled out my husband’s Cole Haan Leather Shave Kit.  It has been a mainstay for all our trips that we have gone on since we got married.  (Well maybe not the Cole Haan one but a shave kit nonetheless ha!)  It reminded me that we have not planned a specific date of our family vacation this year.  So I am going to dust off the Shave Kit and set it on the bathroom counter and wait and see if my sweet husband will get the hint!  Mom needs a break!  It is time for a change of scenery!  Lots of family togetherness!  The chaos of a trip!  The talk of how much fun we had when we get back!  Just think all the memories and what ifs got started by something as simple as this…….

Shave Kit


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