Toys for Tots – Business & Friends Donations

06 Oct

A Huge Thank You to the following businesses, organizations & many friends that have made donations for our Toys for Tots Drive:

Oregon Trail Crossing

My Auction Source

Garden Party Tea

Sporting Goods USA

Brooke Boutique

Glyph Web Services

Cedar Valley Publishing

On Fair

My Friend Paris

DR Hippo – Hippocratic Press

Many friends 🙂

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

If you would like to see your company listed here, please see the previous posting for the address and guidelines.

Thank you!

Old World Limited

Follow the progress of our Toys for Tots Drive………..

The chart added is for money that was donated…$60 so far.


WOW…we had a terrific time at our Grand Finale Halloween Costume Party/Toys for Tots drive last night!  Many friends joined us for an evening of food and laughter — all for this very good cause.  Their generosity was overwhelming, as you will see in the updated picture below 🙂 

Huge Thanks to friends who joined us:  Tyler, Sarah, Mark / Andy, Andrew & Alyssa / Chris & Cate / Scott & Theresa / Jody & Phoebe / Stan & Sarah, Isabella & Abigail / Scott & Peg, Shaun / Marco, Natalie, Jake & Riley.


Final picture — THANK YOU to all who donated!!!



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