Old World Limited today…going off-topic

17 Sep

For those of you who know me, you know that I am never at a loss for words.  Well, today is different.  I have been thinking for hours now about what my Blog post should be about.  What product would you like to see or hear about?  What review(s) would you like to read?  Could I give you a special offer?


*total blank*

So…I am going off-topic, non-business today 🙂  My mind has been so consumed with personal stuff that I think my brain has no more capacity LOL

Our oldest, our son, is graduating this year.  *Thud*  Am I really that old?  No, I’m just older than I used to be 😉 

Have you ever priced out Senior Portraits?  Most of those photographers should be ashamed of themselves!  We are talking an average minimum of $500 to upwards of $1000…for pictures…that after a year will not get looked at much, except fot the one on our wall, and the Grandparent’s wall.  Thankfully, we found a photographer who is trying to build her portfolio, and we are paying for the session and CD, no prints.  We will be in charge of where and what prints we want made.  Thank you  CraigsList!

Then there’s the exercise demon that’s been looming over me since like forever!  LOL  I’m fortunate with inheriting a high metabolism, and a small frame.  However, getting me to do a daily exercise is not easy, no matter how small or short of time.  Now, if I had a tennis court in my back yard, I would be out there at least an hour a day.  However, while we would have the room, I don’t think our neighbors would appreciate it too much 😉

So…I am proud to say that for 4 1/2 weeks I HAVE gotten on the eliptical every single weekday morning.  (Yes, my hubby told me to reward myself and take the weekends off.)  I increased my time to 10 minutes each morning (stop laughing!), and 3 of those last minutes are at a jogging pace — WooHoo!!!  And after each session I do a stretching exercise that lasts about 3 minutes.  And yes, I mark my times on the calendar in my office, so I can see how good I’ve been 🙂  The other hard part is this has greatly increased my already high metabolism, and I’m eating more than before…ugh.

I am also busy planning our annual Halloween Event.  Each year we dress up in costume, decorate the garage, and have fun treating the neighborhood kids to some fun music, scary characters, and overall fun at watching their reactions to all of our collective Halloween items. 

This year we are doing one better…we are hosting our 1st ever Halloween Costume Party and Toys for Tots Drive!  Everyone who attends (sorry, by invite only) HAS to be in costume, and they HAVE to bring a toy for the Toys for Tots drive. 

And some really great news…the new 35W Bridge is opening tomorrow morning!  They finished ahead of schedule, and from the pics on the t.v. it looks great!  Commuters will be delighted!

There you have it, the basics of what is clogging up my thought processes.  There’s more, but I won’t bore you anymore 😉

Thanks for listening…….


Old World Limited


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