Summer, Summer…where art thou Summer???

06 Jun

Yes, we normally reserve this blog for business talk, but we’re starting to go a little stir crazy, & feel like many others…WHERE IS SUMMER???

Here in the Midwest, we are just now starting to feel like it is Spring…with highs in the lower 70’s, and a good amount of rain.  I guess it isbetter than snow.  We certainly got enough of that this past winter!

Thankfully we have gotten a few nice days, enough to clean up the landscaping and to get the garden in.  But due to the rain, it is now hard to find the right time to even mow the grass…and the garden is now muddy from the rain.  

At least the veggie plants haven’t died 🙂

So, here we sit, looking out on a windy day that would blow your toupe clean off!!!

Even the largest of trees are dancing, and the smaller plants and bushes are taking a beating.  The upside…it’s not raining LOL

So there’s my little rant.  I am very anxious to get outside, in some warm sunshine, nurture my plants, and let my freckles emerge.  You do know though, once I have a few weeks of HOT, I will be wondering when Fall will get here 😉

How’s the weather where you are?


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