1st Annual Ugly Tie Contest…update

14 Dec

It appears we are having “issues” with our contest.  I’ve heard the following reasons/excuses from people for not yet submitting pics:

*I’m too busy right now

—>  Yep, probably bad timing on our part…was trying to give a nice stress release during the Holiday time

*I’ll send you a pic when I “get a round 2 it”

—>  I happen to know that “round2its” are in very short supply right now 😉

*I don’t want to have my picture on the Internet

—> Hey, all we want/need is a pic of the tie…no worries

*I don’t have any ugly ties

—> Yeah….OK    LOL

In the spirit of being fair, we will extend the contest, but haven’t yet decided what the new deadline to submit pics will be.  So….keep digging, ask for other’s opinions, tell a coworker they should enter the tie they’re wearing today.  I saw a super ugly tie on The Colbert Report the other night….it was on a Representative from Mississippi I think.  My mind was thinkin’…he should enter!


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