Ties…part 3

02 Dec

Ok guys…I hope by now you have gone thru your ties, and determined if any, or all, need updating.    Or was it the ladies who did this for you? 😉

Now, do yourself a favor…….buy 1 new Jerry Garcia tie, to reward yourself.  I am willing to bet you will have at least 1 person notice and compliment you on it.  Who doesn’t like to hear a compliment? 

The other thing you can do is buy a Jerry Garcia tie for someone else…a brother, father, friend. 

Ladies…buy one for your husband in colors that you like, so when he wears it you will smile 🙂 

And if you’ve got a boyfriend that you’re just not sure what to get…a Jerry Garcia tie is classy and fun at the same time!

Recently I sent a gift box to the local news station WCCO, an affiliate of CBS.  I included 2 Garcia ties, and a few days later I noticed the morning news anchor wearing one of them!  It looked sophisticated and stylish…and made me smile 🙂 

To help you in your purchase use the coupon code Blogger to receive 10% off any tie on our website!  Hurry…..offer ends December 22, 2007.

Shop now ~ Old World Limited Ties


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