*Are you ready for some Football???*

16 Sep

Go Vikings! 

 Once again, it is that time of year.  Sunday football games, complete with snacks, beverage, and a roller-coaster of reactions! 

Growing up in Minnesota, and now living here again, we are huge Viking’s fans.  Of course our all time favorites were the Purple People Eaters of yesteryear.  My personal best moment was my Dad and I attending the very last game in the old outdoor stadium, in the snow and cold 🙂

We also have a couple of other teams that we hold dear (mainly if the Vikings are messing up)….the Indianapolis Colts, followed by the Denver Broncos.  What can I say except, we lived in both cities, and got caught up in the excitement of the home-town-teams. 

 So today, as the Vikings go up against Detroit, we hope they do not disappoint the fans.  The season opener was a great outcome, but not all because of well executed plays….lots of luck involved in that one.  We hope they listen to the fans cheering them on, & sometimes screaming instructions into their t.v.’s.  Come on, admit it….we’ve all done it LOL

And how many times will we say…”If I owned the team, I would…”

It’s kickoff time…

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Posted by on September 16, 2007 in General Chit Chat, News, Sports


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