Ties…part 2

13 Sep

So, in Ties…Part 1, I asked you 5 questions.  Let’s review…

1st question…how many ties do you own?

***You should own at least 1 fabulous tie.  If you only own 1, it should be black, or a variation of black.  We’ll get to why in the 4th question.

2nd question…if you answered “none” to the 1st question, why?

***Can you honestly say you have never had one of those moments of needing to wear a tie, and having none that are more current than the 80’s?  More answers in the 4th question, again.

3rd question…how old is your newest tie?

***Unless it is a classic design, and in supreme shape, your ties should not be more than a few years old.  Donate the old ones.  Please tell me you do not have any skinny 80’s ties hanging around, or any of the 70’s fat polyesters!  LOL  Unless you use them  for Halloween, toss them.   Or you could be creative and weave a chair 😉  

4th question…for what occasion would you wear, or consider wearing a tie?

***Wedding and Funeral are the top 2 occasions.  Referring back to question 1 & 2…this is why you should own at least 1 tie, in black or a variation of black.  Black is always classic.  Most funerals only give you a couple of days to pull together something proper to wear.  You don’t want to be without a tie…it is respectful.  And unless it’s on the beach, you should be proper and wear a tie to a wedding as well.   It’s always better to be a little overdressed, and dress well, than to be the other guy, or to have your gal say “Wow, he looks sharp…why didn’t you dress like that?” 😉

Final question…Are you a Dress-to-Impress or Look-Good-Feel-Good kind of buy?  Both are ok 😉

***I think they go hand-in-hand.  If you are at work, or a social function, you are no doubt going to get better reactions if you are stepping it up a notch with your accessories…and yes, a tie is an accessory.  And because you are getting better reactions, you will naturally feel better.


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