Members of the family

08 Jul

Why is it, that we can love our dogs so much…that they become members of the family?

Is it their unconditional love?

Is it their greetings upon our return home…whether it be 5 hours or 5 minutes?

Or perhaps it is just knowing there is always someone you can talk to…who won’t talk back LOL

We love dogs!  We are allergic to cats, so please take no offense.  We’ve had mixed breeds, and pure breeds.  We’ve also rescued one, and are so happy we made her part of our family. 

We often tells stories of our dogs, as we do our children.  And just like children’s stories, we laugh every time!  For example…my childhood dog (Pomapoo) named Buttons, would get into mischief each time we would leave the house.   At first, she would take all the pillows off of the couch and chairs.  After blocking her from the front room with a gate, she had to restrategize.  It took us a while but we discovered that she would jump on the kitchen table chairs and then onto the table to look for food.  As candie or cookies disappeared we all said those famous words to our Mother — “not Me!”

Keep in mind…this was a 5 pound dog who was very skiddish otherwise LOL

Then…food started to disappear off the kitchen counter.  Buttons didn’t know I stayed home once when everyone else left.  I watched from behind a nearby door.  She actually jumped up on a bar stool, onto the breakfast bar, across the stove, across the narrow front sink edge, and to the area of the counter that contained a plate of cookies!

She was a true DareDevil in Disguise 😉


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