Sizing guide: Men’s Dress Shirts and Ties

18 Jun

Men’s Dress Shirts


  • Most dress shirts will be sized first by neck size, then by sleeve length.  For example 16.5 (or 16 1/2) x  34/35, as in the BCBG style, or they may only have a single number for the sleeve length, as in the Hart Schaffner style.  You never want your dress shirt to be too tight in width or sleeve length.  This not only looks bad, it is uncomfortable.  And it appears you are wearing a shirt from years ago, and have now outgrown 😉 The cuff should come just a little below your wrist, so if you wear it with a suitcoat no more than 1/2″ of the cuff shows. 
  • There are a few designers that tag their dress shirts by traditional methods…Small, Medium, Large, etc.  In this case you can ask the seller to measure the inside of the collar, buttoned.  The sleeve length can be gotten by measuring from the middle of the neck seam to the end of the cuff.

Collars & Cuffs

  • Collars on dress shirts are mainly in 2 styles…button down and pointed.  Sometimes the point has a little bit of rounding to it on the outside edge.  What style you choose is a personal preference.  Personally, I think the button-down collar is more casual, and should be worn without a suitcoat.   I think the pointed collar is classy, and can be worn with or without a suitcoat, and with our without a tie. 
  • Cuffs are either plain edge or French Cuff.  Most French Cuffs will require the use of Cuff Links in lieu of a normal shirt having buttons at the cuff.

Special Cuts

  • While many men wear the regular straight cut dress shirt, some prefer an Athletic Cut, also known as a Slim Cut, or in the case of the Hart Schaffner shirts it is the Studio style.  This style is tapered towards your waist.



  • Did you know that Ties come in different lengths?  There is the common length, and there is a Long or Tall tie.  One of the hottest brands in ties is Jerry Garcia — hot designs and cool colors!


  • Be sure to know the widest width of your new tie before you purchase.  The measurement should be taken at the widest width near the point.

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