Why buy from a personal website?

14 Jun

You may or may not know that many personal Internet retailers started on eBay. 


It was fairly cheap and an immediate way to get your items noticed by millions of people, all across the world.  Over the course of the years the eBay market appears to have gotten saturated, and sellers began looking to other venues to sell their products.  We don’t foresee ever leaving eBay, as they gave us the jump-start of selling online, and we are forever grateful.  They are always reinventing themselves, and we continue to adjust and adapt.  However, many of us took a big leap to start our own website.  


 Freedom + no fees = better Customer Service 🙂

While we understand the need for you to be careful with any online purchase you make, if you do a bit of research, you will find a fairly accurate backround on the owner(s) of the website.  If you can’t, you should ask the site owner(s).  Hopefully this additional background will make you feel more comfortable in purchasing from a personal website, instead of only purchasing from that person/company on the larger venues.  For example:  our eBay store is Simply Me Shop, and can be found at  You can see our history and our feedback.  

We believe in selling quality products at reasonable prices.  We like the freedom of our website to be more open with our customers regarding descriptions, pictures, discount options, etc.  We follow only the rules we set up, and can be more flexible in bending those rules.  We can more easily accomodate a customer’s request, and have filled many personalized orders. 


Many website owners work from the comfort of their home…and yes, often start answering emails in the wee hours of the morning, even before coffee, to the depths of night’s darkness.   Many of us put Customer Service as a Priority…we want to gain your trust, and hope you will tell others about our awesome items, and great service! 

Please visit our site, ask questions, and enjoy the shopping.  Chat with us here, get to know us.  Let us know if there are any topics you would like us to disguss regarding items we sell, or items you would like us to sell.  We love to brainstorm!

Take care~

Lanae & crew

Old World Limited

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